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Weekly offers on selected items!

New Arrivals every week

New arrivals in seasonal plants from our production to redecorate your home and garden. We would also like to inform you that every week we have new arrivals in indoor and outdoor plants from Holland, Italy and Israel.


Things to Remember!!!

  • Do not prune when there is a heavy rain or it is very windy.
  • Do not prune during the cold days of winter or in summer when it is very hot.
  • If it is very windy, be sure to water your plant the next few days.
  • if you prune an old plant it is better after pruning to fertilize it, in order to help it pull out new shoots.
  • There is a possibility, the plan after pruning to face problems because of the cold. Cut all the damaged branches in order to protect the rest.
  • If you remove too much foliage, you should protect the plant from the sun and heat, because there is a danger of internal burns.