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Things to Remember!!!

Do not prune when there is a heavy rain or it is very windy. Do not prune during the cold days of winter or in summer when it is very hot. If it is very windy, be sure to water your plant the next few days. if you prune an old plant it is better […]

Time for Pruning!!!!

Pruning is an essential gardening activity that should be performed on a regular basis in order for the plants to grow and bloom. However, it is a task that no one can give precise instructions but only basic advice. As we all know pruning needs ‘brilliant eye, good hand and strong heart”. Pruning also needs […]

Useful guide for planting

An important factor for the health and growth of our plants is to correctly re-pot. Sometimes our plants get sick and die because we re-pot them more often than needed, or because we do not transplant them the correct way. When we observe a withered leaf in the plant, we believe that it’s time to transplant. […]