Profile – Sotiris Shaelos Plants and Flowers Ltd

Our establishment begun as a small flower shop in Nicosia in 1986. Throughout the years we’ve successfully managed to expand and build our reputation based on 30 years of experience in the flower and plant sector. Today we operate near the coastal Zygi village and our nurseries cover over 20,000 square meters of production area. We supply a great variety of more than 800 quantities of plants and flowers. Our aim is to serve the best interest of our customers, so we created an effective and efficient environment in our synchronous nurseries.

The experience gained throughout the 30 years has been the key element of our success. We continuously upgrade the quality and the quantity of our plants, flowers and services. Some of the most significant factors of our success are the love for what we create, the excellent service, the quality of our products and the strong relationship built with our customers over the last 3 decades. We have never ignored the opinion of our customers. We strongly believe in a good cooperation with our customers and always appreciate their feedback and perception of the quality and services offered to them.
We offer a full range of plants and flowers from our own production and we also import products from several countries across the world. Our variety can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Some of our most famous products are:

  1. Seasonal Plants
  2. Hedging
  3. Grasses
  4. Perennials
  5. Herbs/Aromatics
  6. Climbers
  7. Fruit trees
  8. Super Food trees
  9. Conifers
  10. Palm trees and Tropical
  11. Deciduous shrubs
  12. Deciduous Trees
  13. Evergreen shrubs
  14. Evergreen trees
  15. Bonsai and shape plants
  16. Indoor plants
  17. Cactus and succulents
  18. Water Plants

The cooperation with countries all over the world, the accession of Cyprus into the European Union as well as our persistence to obtain high standards of production have been the biggest challenges to be addressed by our business in order to successfully access the European Market. We are used to importing plants and flowers from European and Asian countries, including Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, China, Thailand and Israel.

We cooperate with nurseries and flower shops all over Cyprus. Our business aim is to build a brilliant cooperation with our customers by offering them the best quality plants and flowers at the lowest prices. We would like to thank all our customers for their trust and we promise to maintain our tradition!!

Future Plans

The fundamental philosophy of our business entails to keep our customers satisfied by providing a huge variety of plants and flowers, at the very best quality and prices.

We promise to keep this philosophy, so that our customers will be able to gain a competitive advantage.