Our business provides two main areas of services:

  1. Horticultural Consulting
    Call for details telephone number 24333600
  2. Landscape Construction Consulting
    Call for details telephone number 99428303 (Kyriaki Shaelou)

If you are in need of any information, please feel free to contact us. Our company offers consulting services including on plant and flower caring and on gardening and landscaping. Our personnel will be glad to assist you.

You provide the space!

we will inspire your place!

Tips for creating your own garden:

You don’t have to be experts in order to develop your garden. Just follow the following advice. These will be useful to create and plant your own garden by giving you the best possible solutions:

  1. How large is your space? Is it sunny or shady?
  2. What are the climate conditions of your area?
  3. What is the style or shape you wish to give?
  4. How would you like to spend time in or use your garden?
  5. How much time are you willing to spend in plant caring and watering?
  6. Considering the above tips, look for the suitable plants and flowers. Make sure the type of soil you use is the suitable one.
  7. Check the quality of the water.