My name is Charalambos Siaelos. I was born in 1949.

I graduated from Trikomo Lyceum. I then studied catering at the Central Hotel School of Nicosia.

Meanwhile, in 1980 I started working in the field of agriculture. Specifically, I began my first business venture involved the production and import of plants from abroad.

Over time my son Sotiris and I managed to establish the largest nursery for the production and growth of wholesale and retail plants in Zygi.

43 years of experience, the know-how, the use of a sophisticated water supply, fertilization and spraying systems, the modern building facilities, but above all our love for plants, are the factors that played a catalytic role in giving us a competitive advantage, in order to offer a wide variety of quality plants in large quantities.

Our main concern has always been the expansion of the business and its promotion both locally and internationally.

In achieving this aim we import plants from many countries abroad in order to build a large variety including unique pieces thus satisfying even the most demanding customer.