Soteris Shaelos Plants & Flowers Ltd deals with selling any plants in Cyprus, offering a wide range of plant species at highly reasonable and convenient prices.

Our portfolio consists of nearly half thousand different plants’ varieties. We produce a full range of plants according to a wide variety of climate needs and ornamental trends/ requirements.

The cultivation is carried out in a container in different quality soil, allowing excellent root development and plant root ventilation. Because of this, we can offer you quality plants with bright colours and rich foliage.


Carefully choosing raw materials is essential in offering clients only plants that are highly capable of taking root. Soteris Shaelos Plants & Flowers Ltd deals with growing a large variety of plants. An expert and qualified staff is fully available to offer clients an effective help service, providing information on the correct growth of the plant species provided. The constant search for new growing techniques and continuous professional training have allowed Soteris Shaelos Plants & Flowers Ltd to be a leader in the sector.


We can help on advise about gardens from the scratch through shipping, till upkeeping the gardens in perfect condition.


It is important to provide quality plants which meet standards. Every phase of production, we continuously supervise the quality, in order to ensure that all plants are in a good condition and satisfy the quality standards.


Our nurseries undergo regular governmental and self inspections, thus our customers can be confident that we provide them with a proper product. In addition, we are able to give customers a phytosanitary passport certifying that the plants are completely free of any pest, diseases.