Soteris Shaelos Plants and Flowers Ltd is a well-known plant nursery in Cyprus with more than two decades experience. The business was established in 1998. Then in 2011, Q Gardens Cyprus was established. Q Gardens Cyprus is the trading name of Soteris Shelos Plants & Flowers Ltd and is an innovative retail, leisure and showplace for people at any age. It is an interdisciplinary park/nursery, where the customers can get decoration and landscaping ideas. Specifically, several different thematic gardens have been created, which aim to give ideas and solutions for the formation of landscapes. In addition, we present a huge range of plants including plants that are unique. Q Gardens also has all the necessary products and decorations, in order to complete your garden. It has a cafeteria, animal farm and playground to please all visitors.

Soteris Shaelos Plants & Flowers Ltd is running with support of equipment, that have enabled to simplify the production processes for growing the plants. We have highly-qualified staff who work together to carry out specialised and professional work. The nursery in Zygi’s strength is that it operates a container gardening service of every plant species. It facilitates the growing of plants throughout the year. The business mainly deals with wholesale of ornamental plants in Cyprus, offering a service to create superior quality parks and gardens. Our staff of professionals is fully available to design gardens and parks across Cyprus and to meet our clients’ requirements and to add value to the area and to offer residents better quality of living.


The business offers a service to design and create green spaces; ( in a collaboration with Mr Balazs D’Szabo) a service that improves the suitableness for living of the place and the wellbeing of the residents. To realise parks and gardens suitable for everyone, it is important to design parks and gardens without architectural obstacles and with a harmonious distribution of the spaces, while respecting the surrounding environment.

Modern and innovative equipment leads to the creation of parks which are able to withstand the passing of time. Sotiris Shaelos Plants & Flowers Ltd does not only design green spaces, but it can also install park safe and high-quality kids’ playgrounds within the park, in order to offer its customers a full service. The choice of the type of land and of the plant species to put in the park is not left to chance, but it is rather managed by a highly-qualified staff so as to guarantee the best solution while respecting safety standards.

If you need a service to create parks, contact Sotiris Shaelos Plants & Flowers Ltd, a reference point in the Zygi area. It is a reliable and dependable business that offers its customers professionalism and competence creating parks across Cyprus that are able to meet the needs of all age ranges.


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Sales Representative

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